Visa und Immigration

Visa & Immigration Services

Entering a foreign country – particularly to work there – is not as simple as arriving at the airport. Visa and immigration should not and cannot be an after-the-fact consideration, but needs to be strategically planned ahead and aligned with the employees relocation package – ideally including comprehensive immigration services.

It should be your first compliance consideration, to prevent the risk of violating immigration laws what may have lifelong remifications on the employee’s travel privileges. Being compliant with visa and immigration regulations is also essential to reduce the host company’s reputational risks and commercial losses.

Most countries have serious immigration requirements and procedures to meet. For a smooth Relocation our Visa and Immigration Assistance Programs accompany you from clarifying visa issues before departure to all local registration requirements upon arrival. Timely extensions and renewals are also our business. Our tracking system will insure that you will be informed in time of the expiration of your permits.

Visa and Immigration Services Support

  • Clarification of entry regulations
  • Immigration information
  • Residence Permit Application
  • Work Permit Application
  • Taxpayer identification number
  • Visa / Blue Card Application
  • Police Registration