Intercultural Training

These programs are devised to enable the transferee (and family members) to effectively adapt to the new environment by instilling awareness of the cultural differences and their effects during an international assignment.

So you have accepted an assignment abroad. Congratulations! It can both enhance your career potential and enrich your life – provided you prepare yourself for the differences in attitudes and behaviours of your future co-workers and neighbors.

Seven out of ten people who are dissatisfied with or unsuccesful in their overseas assignments were tripped up by intercultural difficulties.

We specialize in helping foreign executives and their families adapt to the way things are done at work and at home in their new country.

Ask about tailor-made seminars and consultations for transferees and their families to insure the success of their “people skills” in the new country.

Learn to be a more effective communicator, motivator, persuader, leader and get the most out of your assignment through country-specific intercultural training.

Intercultural Training

  • Adjust to living abroad
  • Interact more effectively
  • Be motivated and efficient at work
  • Be happier at home