Short Term Assignment Support

This program is designed to support a short term assignment of generally up to twelve months duration.

Following the general trend, away from international re-assignments to more short term commitments, there is an increasing number of relocations for less than one year, often involving single or unaccompanied employees.

Short term assignments require temporary solutions free of furniture-moving, high moving-in and moving-out expenses at destination, and without the intent of complete cultural integration.

While this temporary relocation should cover a maximum of aspects of a true home, all commitments should be strictly short-term and flexible.

It is a particular challenge to provide this “home away from home”-feeling on a temporary basis, but we promise to do our very best.

Short Term Assignment Program

  • Visa & Immigration Requirements for arrival and departure
  • Temporary housing
  • Temporary living and area orientation
  • Access to the Welcome Relocation Center® resources