Spouse Career Counseling

A service designed for career continuation for the career interrupted spouse, who have often forgone their own position in order to follow their partner on an overseas assignment.

How does overseas living effect an expatriate family? Does it bring them together or pull them apart?

One factor that is guaranteed to have an impact on an expatriate household is the spouse career issue.

Many partners leave excellent careers behind to follow their relocating spouse on an overseas assignment. The foreign job market can be a veritable minefield of dead-ends, confusion and frustration; getting a foot-hold can take time and requires determination.

The Spouse Career Counseling Program defines the path to persue. It enables the career interrupted spouse to actively and successfully find career continuation opportunities.

Spouse Career Counseling

  • Career evaluation
  • Career alternatives
  • Formulating a local standard
  • Interview training
  • Opportunity screening
  • Employment contract review