Visa und Immigration

Visa & Immigration – our support services

When immigrating to a foreign country, especially to work there, arriving at the airport does not complete the task. Visa and immigration matters should not be delayed, both in the interest of the employee and in the interest of the employer.

While we do not provide legal services, nor do we provide legal advice to the employee or client or represent them in disputes with the authorities. We are happy to assist with a relocation package with our selected visa and immigration support services (Visa and Immigration Services Assistance Program). This includes:

  • Receipt of information from the authorities and transmission to the customer (e.g. official entry regulations and immigration information, official forms and instructions for filling them in)
  • Filling out forms according to the client’s (or the employer’s legal department’s or the respective external lawyer’s) instructions
  • Transmission of completed forms (e.g. the application for a residence permit or the application for a work permit) and other information to the authorities based on respective written authorization
  • Coordination of appointments with authorities
  • Accompaniment during visits to the authorities for employees who are unfamiliar with the location or language
  • Reminder of deadlines via a tracking system