Which relocation and immigration services do we offer?

This is an overview on our service modules covering almost every aspect of the relocation process. We provide professional relocation and immigration services for HR departments and expatriates based on their individual needs and demands. If you wish, we can provide also needs assessment with your employee to define the best combination of services.

Bundled to well-tried packages, our service modules can booked with a discount.

Overview of our relocation and immigration services:

Relocation Services

  • Home Search
  • Handing over
  • Boarding House /Temporary Accomodation Search
  • Preview Trip
  • Culture Briefing
  • Area Orientation
  • Settling-In
  • Location Briefing
  • International School, Kindergarten or day care Search
  • Pet Program
  • Importation of Vehicle
  • Driver’s License Transcription
  • Resident Parking Permit
  • LifeLine© Program
  • LifeLine© Tenancy Management

Immigration Services

  • Visa Application Assistance
  • Authorities Program
  • Family Re-joining Authority Support
  • Tax Registration
  • Extension Work and Resident Permit
  • Registration / De-Registration

Departure Services

  • Handing back
  • Authorities
  • Cancellation of services and contracts
  • Pre-Departure Program

Services for the HR department

  • Expense Management

Services on request

  • Partner Career Counseling
  • Intercultural Training