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The International Relocation Associates: TIRA

TIRA is a globally unique network of international relocation specialists and connects leading mobility professionals worldwide. Founded in 1986, it is just three years younger than Start-Up Services. The network´s span is not smaller than 500 locations all over the world, by relating 50 offices as members of TIRA. With the help of this variety TIRA provides local solutions for global challenges.

Networking within international relocation
Logo TIRA The International Relocation Associates

As a member of TIRA, Start-Up Services has the opportunity to profit from the network´s wide spectrum of globally operating relocation companies. On the one hand organized events and workgroups by TIRA present the advantage of establishing new ties with different international relocation specialists. On the other hand these occasions provide an opportunity to refresh and deepen old connections.

The benefits of exchange

One of the main reasons to engage in networking is the access to worldwide and collective expertise knowledge. Exchanging experiences within the industry helps to maintain best practices – or even to improve our high quality standards. It also serves as an orientation and provides a heads-up to newly upcoming issues inside international relocation.

Additional to interexchange, competitive benchmarking is another benefit of connected international relocation management companies. Regularly the members collect data among the network of their industry.  Being part of TIRA includes the benefit of access to this data and thus receive  an overview of the current market situation.


A TIRA membership stands for a steady high level of service and quality. Through networking and benchmarking exchanges, Start-Up Services features the incentive to cooperate with different international relocation services and to give our support to newly founded mobility companies. Due to the fact that TIRA members are located worldwide, comparison and exchange is based on an intercultural dimension. In addition to Start-Up Services` achievement of the EuRA Quality Seal  since 2010, being a member of the International Relocation Associates is another quality characteristic of our professional relocation and mobility services.