Everything was perfect. But some of the aspects that I loved were: a. Pro-Activeness. b. Everyone has good knowledge in their respective areas. c. Helpful. d. Easy to work with. e. Understanding. If I have to sum-up: “Helping ex-pats becoming Zero to Hero with Relocation”

Sales Force Developer at a data driven marketing company (04.05.2020)

You guys are simply awesome. Your responsiveness, commitment towards service, tackling any issues, compassionate involvement in solving any problems is amazing.

I would recommend Start-Up Services to everyone who needs relocation help, so that they can peacefully work without worrying about documentation or appointments.

Project Engineer at international automotive supplier (23.06.2020)

Absolute benchmark of a great customer service! Dedication to achieve a successful outcome for the client, great level of expertise, attentiveness to detail and genuine friendliness that can only be achieved in a team that really enjoys working together. Exceptionally good service! Will definitely continue to recommend to anyone who is in a need for similar services.

Manager M&A at international pharmaceutical company (29.05.2020)

I feel it is a combination of multiple aspects viz. simplicity of process, experience and good understanding of rules and regulations, thoroughness, promptness and professionalism.

I was more than satisfied with the services. It was completely hassle free. Start-Up Services GmbH are well experienced and knowledgeable.

IT-Specialist at an international industrial company (04.05.2020)

Firstly, I would like to thank you profusely for all the efforts you and the team have made to facilitate my relocation. It has been a smooth transition to Berlin, thanks to your wonderful efforts and those of the great HR team and Startup Services. (…) I am sincerely impressed with the HR team and with Startup Services, (…) have selected their staff and outsourced entities well! It really makes a big difference for staff members who are moving to a new destination and it is effort that I very much appreciate.

HR Manager at a Non-Governmental Organisation (16.02.2021)