Our Services

Arrival & Destination Services

Arrival in a new country holds a host of challenges and often necessitates the need for assistance from Area Orientation, support with temporary accommodations to lease agreements for your home for the next few months or years. Additionally, Settling-In Assistance including Utility Services, finding a suitable School and Kindergarten, opening a Bank Account, insurance issues, furniture rental, shopping information are also essential (especially when available only in a foreign language).

Our Team supplies

  • excellent local knowledge,
  • an abundance of necessary resources and contacts,
  • and many years of experience in expat support.

You enjoy

  • the best possible support,
  • the time and opportunity to focus on your assignment and your family
  • the assurance you are getting the best shortcut to local living

Visa, Authority & Immigration Assistance

From needs assessment, to the application process for Visa, whether Blue Card or Work Visa, Job-Seeker or Student Visa, or when a Pre-Request with the authorities is indicated, we clarify and support the process from beginning to completion.

For requirements such as Community Registration, Residence and Work Permit Application to Family Re-Joining, Child benefit application, Parental/Family Allowance, Driver’s License requirements, we break the way for you and stay at your side.

Our Team supplies

  • extensive and well-established rapport with the respective authorities
  • intricate familiarity with all government processes, even down to complex government forms
  • almost 40 years in expat support for the immigration process

You enjoy

  • the certainty that all processes are coordinated with the respective authorities
  • having no need for retracing and correcting of steps
  • the assurance you are compliant with authorities’ requirements

Supplementary Services

Sometimes relocation needs to be done on a strict budget for various reasons. Sometimes there are spousal Career Support Issues, or the company does not have an instant solution for immediately due funds transfers.  Perhaps your move is intended to be a short stay, or you only need information on how and where, but the program will be a Self-Managed Relocation i.e., carried out by you and supported by our know-how and instructions. Maybe you also need tenancy or expense management included?

Our Team supplies

  • the programs to fit your/your employees’ needs
  • almost four decades of experience with any mobility issue you can name
  • the flexibility and the commitment to treat each need, large or small, with the same dedication

You enjoy

  • the assurance you are moving on charted territory
  • the best solutions presented
  • not having the feeling of being out on a limb