selbstverwaltete Self-Managed-Relocation-Services

Self-Managed Relocation Services

Welcome Relocation Center®The Welcome Relocation Center® is the perfect solution for self-managed relocation services. It fits the low budget but still guides you through all aspects of the relocation process.

Your first day in the host country should be “your day” at the Welcome Relocation Center®, before you make immigration mistakes, have problems with getting around, stay in the most expensive accommodation and generally receive four different answers from the three people you asked.

Actually, a two hour relocation briefing will be enough to start with.

From there on, we guide you through all the “red tape” of home finding, immigration, banking, insurance issues, and all other relocation-related tasks.

Self-Managed Relocation Services

  • Needs assessment
  • Government / Immigration requirements
  • Housing market
  • Schooling
  • Insurance (mandatory / optional)
  • How to… bank, …shop, …drive, … communicate
  • Do’s and Don’ts