carnival season in Munich 2016

Carnival Season in Munich 2016

The Carnival Season in Munich has started a couple of days ago. Munich may not be known as the German capital for carnival like the cities of Cologne or Mainz, however there is a tradition of celebrating the “foolish season” also in the Bavarian capital.

You will start seeing many more colourful and super-sweet doughnuts in bakeries, know as the traditional “Faschings-Krapfen”, with many creative fillings from choclate over vanilla to egg liqueur.


We would like to give you an overview on the carnival season in Munich and where to find details for all events and parades where masquareded people will gather to party.

  • Jan 9th: the official enthronement of the carnival prince and princess – taking over the power over the city from the mayor for the carnival season. This date stands for the kick-off day of all carnival activities in Munich.
  • Jan 31st: traditional carnival parade in the city center of Munich
  • Feb 4th: Unsinniger Donnerstag – the “insane Thursday” comes with a unique tradition: women will cut of men’s ties that day. This day is also know as “Weiberfasching” (women’s carnival).
  • Feb 7th & Feb 8th Rosenmontag – colourful carnival festivities around Marienplatz and in the pedestrian zone-
  • Feb 9th: Faschingsdienstag – colourful carnival festivities around Marienplatz.
    11 am “Tanz der Marktfrauen” – not to miss! Dance of the market-women at Viktualienmarkt. Come early to save a good spot, it is very popular amongst carnival fans.
    Please note: many shops (and offices) will be closed on that afternoon.
  • Feb 10th: Aschermittwoch – official end of carnival season

The best overview of all events around the carnival  season in Munich gives the website of the city:

This site is dedicated to carnival events especially for childern:

Several more carnival and also elegant balls will take place at Deutsches Theater, click here for a list of balls this season.Carnival Season in Munich