CGT© - Coordinated Group Transfer

CGT® Coordinated Group Transfer

 CGT© – Service – Coordinated Group Transfer
“The total is more than the sum of its parts!”

Orchestrating a Group Move is a particular challenge as all issues must be brought to a successful close on day X.

Bringing together candidate screening, policies & procedures, relocation budgets, visa requirements, move preparation, immigration, home search, expense management, and many other move-related aspects requires a professional relocation management process to ensure the smooth, transparent and successful transfer of a complete department or project team.
“Single point of contact” for professional support will be heaven sent!


CGT© – Coordinated Group Transfer

  • Pre-departure briefing and screening
  • Policies and Procedures Support
  • Work-flow process and timelines
  • Expense Management
  • Departure Services
  • Destination Services