Relocation Expense management

Relocation Expense Management

The relocation process is accompanied by a number of immediate expenses, such as the security deposit for the new home, agent’s commission, government fees and similar.
Corporations are often not set-up for instant expense processing. To avoid unnecessary problems, make use of our “Relocation Expense Management” program.

Availability of case-related relocation funds in a dedicated account allows for fast settlement of financial obligations. Invoice checking & approval as well as processing of differences and claims are part of our service.

Upon completion of each relocation process, a case-related reconciliation of funds is done.

Monthly reconciliation of all client accounts as well as inclusion in the annual audit of the client company assures a highly professional process and complete compliance and transparency between the client’s HR- / Finance-department and the Welcome Relocation Center®.

Relocation Expense Management

  • Procedure development
  • Verify / examine relocation-related invoices
  • Clarify unclear / faulty invoices
  • Timely payment of invoices
  • Funds reconciliation
  • Monthly expense payments (rent, utilities etc.)