New minimum salary for Blue Card applicants

New minimum salary for Blue Card applicants

Despite the current economic situation due to restrictions of the Corona crisis, the salary limit for obtaining the Blue Card was raised also in 2021.

While employees in standard professions still had to show 55,200 EUR in minimum salary in 2020, the new minimum wage is 56,800 EUR in 2021. In shortage professions, the assessment threshold has risen from EUR 43,056 to EUR 44,304.

The Blue Card, which was introduced in some EU countries in 2009, is available in Germany since 2012. It is intended to counteract the shortage of skilled workers by facilitating the application of work permits for highly qualified employees from third countries.

Apart from the minimum salary in the future employment contract, a degree recognized in Germany is required. In addition, the job title must correspond with the obtained qualification.

Some advantages of the Blue Card compared to a normal residence permit are:

  • Predictability: As there is legal certainty that the Blue Card will be issued if the required criteria are met.
  • Facilitation of family reunification: Spouses can be brought to Germany with simplified conditions (e.g., proof of German language skills is not required). They are also entitled to gainful employment.
  • Settlement permits possible earlier: Depending on the level of German language skills, the application for a settlement permit is possible after 21 or 33 months already.

An overview of the salary assessment limit of the past five years:

                        Standard occupations                  Understaffed professions

2021                56,800 EUR                                         44,304 EUR

2020                55,200 EUR                                         43,056 EUR

2019                53,600 EUR                                         41,808 EUR

2018                52,000 EUR                                         40,560 EUR

2017                50,800 EUR                                         39,624 EUR

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