(f.l.t.r. Larissa Meier, Tanja Winter, Maria König, Kathrin Schumann)

Learning in Lock-down: MIM – Graduates

Due to the COVID-19 lock down and entry and travel restrictions, many transfers were postponed in the last few months or are currently on hold with clients sitting on packed bags.

To assure business continuity during a worldwide pandemic, some of our team members are taking turns working from home and the workload is being pushed into the coming months when relocations resume. An excellent opportunity to make use of this unused time.

Thanks to EURA, the European Relocation Association, who generously made the MIM and MIM+ training programs available, free of charge for all their members until mid-July of 2020, some of our team members used their time to acquire industry specific training. The MIM Certification “Managing International Mobility Program” is an excellent tool to measure and hone our immigration and relocation expertise. The program was launched in 2012 and has over time been extended to higher levels. The trainings are split into three milestones: MIM Graduate, MIM+ Graduate, MIM+ Fellow.

During these challenging times, we gladly took advantage of this opportunity and our team members Maria König, Tanja Winter and Larissa Meier completed the MIM Fixed Syllabus Program and are now MIM Graduates. Kathrin Schumann, who is a seasoned MIM Graduate extended her knowledge and completed the MIM+ Program.

We are tremendously proud of our team, their great interest in the subject of best practices in Mobility Management and the fact that they used the time not spent assisting clients for learning how to do it even better. Congratulations and thank you to our team!

picture (f.l.t.r.): Larissa Meier, Tanja Winter, Maria König, Kathrin Schumann