Oktoberfest 2016
Oktoberfest 2016

Oktoberfest 2016: All you need to know

Construction works are running on full speed at the Theresienwiese since there are only 4 days left until the 183rd Münchner Oktoberfest starts. From September 17th to October 3rd visitors from all over the world are welcomed to enjoy a stroll through the festival, roller coaster rides, a wide variety of traditional Bavarian foods and of course some of Munich’s…

bavarian purity law for beer

Bavarian Purity Law: The Festival of Beer Tradition

The Bavarian Purity Law of beer has a long tradition. In 1516, a law concerning the ingredients of beer was enacted. It was determined that there is only three ingredients that are allowed to be component of beer: barley, hops and water (later yeast was supplemented). In late July there will be a beer festival in Munich celebrating the 500 years anniversary of this purity law. A short abstract…