Munich: most livable city
Munich: most livable city

Munich: most livable City in Germany

Munich was rated as Germany´s most livable city, in global comparison Munich succeded the 4th place. The top three are Vienna, Zurich and Auckland. The Mercer Study The consulting firm Mercer conducts every year a study regarding life quality in metropolises worldwide. The study approaches cities, which are good places (with a high quality of life) for companies and governments to transfer their…

Don’t miss it: Long Night of Museums in Munich 2015

This Saturday, October 17, 2015, is your chance to discover many many museums and cultural spots in Munich, during one magical evening until 2 am in the morning. All places, museums, galleries, churches and collections, open their doors for an eventful night and offer special programs, music or workshops to celebrate the “Long Night of Museums in Munich”, or Die…

International Museums Day Munich

International Museums Day in Munich on Sunday, May 17

This Sunday the “International Museums Day” is also celebrated in Munich this year. To find out which special events are offered and which museums offer the entrance for free that day, please check out the data base to research museums and locations. Enjoy a day full of art and culture in and around Munich!