Munich: most livable city

Munich: most livable City in Germany

Munich was rated as Germany´s most livable city, in global comparison Munich succeded the 4th place. The top three are Vienna, Zurich and Auckland.

The Mercer Study

The consulting firm Mercer conducts every year a study regarding life quality in metropolises worldwide. The study approaches cities, which are good places (with a high quality of life) for companies and governments to transfer their expatriates for a stay abroad.

On the basis of 39 parameters the Mercer ranking analyses and compares these cities. Although the consulting firm does not release all of these parameters, it is known that political, social, economic and environmental aspects are counting into the evaluation.

Factors are amongst others health, public traffic, education opportunities, pollution of the environment and public services. A newly introduced (and important) category is personal security within a city. Thereby Germany is on top, as it is rated one of the securest countries. The crime rate is low, the prosecution efficient and the social and political conditions are stable.

Munich: most livable city

Surfing in Germany´s most livable City: Munich

Therefor it is no wonder, that three german cities are part of the top ten cities of high quality life: beside Munich also Frankfurt (place 7) and the Rhein city Düsseldorf (place 6) are ranked highly.

Munich: most livable city

The reasons why Munich is place 4 worldwide and place 1 in Germany are far-reaching. The economic strength of the Bavarian capital, combined with the Bavarian culture of living and the geographical position (including the beautiful alps and lakes just next to Munich) are some of its unique plus factors in the ranking.

Another fact which increases the attractiveness of Munich is the high internationality. Munich has the highest percantage rate (17,5) of foreign employees in whole Germany.

The combination of internationality, a diversified environment and the personal security bestows Munich the deserved title – Munich: most livable city in Germany.