child benefit and european professional card

Child benefit and European professional card – Immigration Alert 02-2016

The year 2016 entailed already some regulation changes, both on European and German level. Being within a relocation process implies that these rearrangements also regard you.

One of the changes refers to the German child benefit policy. German citizens, EU nationals and Non-EU residents with a settlement or residence permit in Germany have a right to child benefit. Since the year 2016 started, in order to request child benefit or to still obtain child allowance, the child´s and the parents’ tax identification numbers are required.

The second modification implements the acknowledgment of several professions EU wide. Since the 18th of January, the regulation of the European Professional Card (EPC) is completed pan-European. This card can be used to have your professional qualifications recognised in another EU country.

New Regulation #1: The Tax identification number needed for child benefit

The new regulation was introduced to avoid double payments for one child. The tax identification number (IdNr.) makes sure that for every child there is only one child benefit payment per month.

regulation of child benefit

Regulation of child benefit

If you already source child benefit, you have to provide your child´s and your own IdNr. Since you had to be registered in Germany, you received your own and your child(ren)’s IdNr. from the Central Tax Office (Bundeszentralamt für Steuern). Within the year of 2016 you have to provide these numbers, without being asked and in written form, to the “Familienkasse” (it is the Family Office of the Federal Employment Agency).

In case of a newborn or a new application for a child, which has not received German child benefit, you have to hand in the IdNr. beside the other papers.

It is important to know, that even if your child is not living in Germany but is a EU citizen, you may have the right (under certain circumstances) to receive german child benefit. Thus, the child does not have a German IdNr. you have to prove with the help of certain documents the child’s identity. However, you should bear in mind, that you can, taken as a whole, just receive child benefit from one country.

New Regulation #2: The European Professional Card (EPC)

In order to simplify the relocation within the EU member states, the EPC was introduced in mid January. The EPC is a digital certification of your occupational qualification to acknowledge a profession not only in the country where it was rendered, but also in other EU states. Until now, there are just some professions included in this program: pharmacists, nurses, physiotherapists, mountain guides and real estate agents. Thus, it might be extended to other professions as well.

To date, it is just a supplement to the traditional process of a job-related recognition and depending on whether the employee wants to work temporary or permanently in another EU country, the magisterial approval can last up to three months.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for general information purposes only and should not be considered as legal or tax advice. If you have any further questions on the applicability of this information, please get in touch with our office.