child benefit and european professional card
child benefit and european professional card

Child benefit and European professional card – Immigration Alert 02-2016

The year 2016 entailed already some regulation changes, both on European and German level. Being within a relocation process implies that these rearrangements also regard you. One of the changes refers to the German child benefit policy. German citizens, EU nationals and Non-EU residents with a settlement or residence permit in Germany have a right to child benefit. Since the year 2016 started, in order to request child…

Landlord’s Confirmation of Residence – Immigration Alert 01-2016

On the 1st of November 2015 the new “Bundesmeldegesetz” (Federal Citizens’ Registration Act) came into force. This new law regards both the registration of German citizens and of foreign residents. One of the main points of the new statute is the “Wohnungsgeberbestätigung” – which is the Landlord’s Confirmation of Residence. If you are in a process of Relocation, this also…

Don’t miss it: Long Night of Museums in Munich 2015

This Saturday, October 17, 2015, is your chance to discover many many museums and cultural spots in Munich, during one magical evening until 2 am in the morning. All places, museums, galleries, churches and collections, open their doors for an eventful night and offer special programs, music or workshops to celebrate the “Long Night of Museums in Munich”, or Die…

International Museums Day Munich

International Museums Day in Munich on Sunday, May 17

This Sunday the “International Museums Day” is also celebrated in Munich this year. To find out which special events are offered and which museums offer the entrance for free that day, please check out the data base to research museums and locations. Enjoy a day full of art and culture in and around Munich!


German Government decides rental increase limit and new regulations for real estate agents

Yesterday, on March 5th 2015, the German Bundestag (Lower House of Parliament) has decided two new laws that will effect the rental and housing market in Germany and especially highly competitive markets like Munich, Hamburg, Berlin or Frankfurt. The rental increase limit and what will be the consequences for landlords, tenants and real estate agents The new regulation allows regions…